The Night Before Minnions

It seems I am always either too early or too late to take my grandkids to the first opening day of the fun movies that are released.  They were coming to my home for a sleepover and I would need to take them back  home before we could see the movie in theatres.

Thanks to one of my Facebook friends,  I was able to celebrate with them on the night before the minnions’ movie. My friend told me about a little short movie available at Wal-Mart (ask them to match the Target price of $3.33) starring the minnions and three very short mini-movies.  I set off to find the movie and some minnion cookies she had served that were also available at Wal-Mart.  I found the movie and also came across this darling Twinkies kit with edible stickers to build your own minnions.  I was so excited to eat dinner and start building minnions.


Here is a picture of my oldest grandchild  building his very own minnion.


Isn’t this what all of us do when eating a Twinkie!  I dare you to eat a Twinkie without separating the cream from the cake with your tongue!minnonparty7

Here are some of our masterpieces…



And here are our master artists…



We can’t forget Papa Steve!  The first picture depicts his attitude at having to build a minnion himself and then also having to have a photo of it to post to social media.


Good time was had by all of us!  I highly recommend having a Minnion Party and heading to the movie!


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