Thanksgiving Table – Part I


These are placecards which I made several years ago for my family.  I will be making new cards this year as we have subtracted and added family members. My instructions were simple:

1- Make a paper tent card with colored card stock to the size that would best fit your place settings, table and guest size.

2-Find a  pilgrim hat using Google images and print off enough for each male guest. Cut out and attach to a personal picture of each male guest which you have printed and cropped with your scissors.

3-Use a square piece of white paper and glue the top two corners together to form the back of the hat for each female guest and glue to the photos which you have printed and cropped with your scissors.

4- I made a black square as a shirt for each of the “people”.  I then made white collars that I glued onto the black square.  The only variation was the shape of the color for the males and females.

5- Print off the names of each guest from your computer.  I used decorative scissors to give it a decorative edge and glued to the tent card.

This was fun to see everyone’s reaction to their placecard.  I believe that when you decorate your table and make it special for your guests, they will feel special on this holiday in which we show our appreciation to each other.


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