Teaching Gratitude


November is the month that we seem to really concentrate on being more grateful for everything that we have.  Have you noticed that some children are taught the skill of expressing gratitude better than others?  For the most part, gratitude is something that is taught by example and also by a conscience effort in the early stages of children’s lives.  If they can develop this skill early in their lives, it will help them be more successful and happier as kids and as adults.  This month I would like to focus on some ways that we can teach children/grandchildren about expressing gratitude.  In order to do that we have to be aware of our blessings, consistent with teaching and example and always make it fun.

The idea I want to share today is from Play.Party.Pin and can be found HERE.  The punch boxes, made famous from The Price Is Right,  is the hottest game on Pinterest for kids. How can grandparents teach it?  This game is set up to do as an advent calendar.  However,  if they are not at your house during the month of November, you could always make and send to them and change the number of  “punches”.  Another great idea would be to play the game but maybe make the slips of paper something that they can do on Thanksgiving Day while the meal is still be prepared to be served.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my game!

  2. You are welcome. I thought it was adorable!

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