Reindeer Party with Nana & Papa

Each Christmas we try to give “experiences” with the family along with the gifts.  In previous years we have had family dinners with gingerbread decorating, sleigh rides in Park City and Breakfast with Santa.  This year we did a theme of “Reindeer Games”.  Here is a sample of the invitation:


When they arrived we had  a pair for each of them of antlers with blinking red noses for them to wear. At the kitchen table, we had a dice drawing game called Roll-A-Reindeer that I found on Pinterest and can be downloaded and printed HERE.




Here you can see the reindeer stockings  filled with some fun, smaller toys which were all from The Dollar Store. I did purchase the candy cane shaped M & M containers at Target that you see displayed in front of the stockings.  I also found reindeer gift card holders for the older grandkids filled with movie gift cards.  I taped the two tubes together to look like antlers and added brown construction paper for the body, googly eyes and a pom pom for a nose. I added just a little detail with red and white bakers twine. Pattern can be found HERE   Besides toys, I also put a few drawing dice games found on Pinterest that can also be found HERE. I also found the Anniversary Classic DVD of Rudolph the Red Noses reindeer.  I asked their parents to watch it with them during the holiday and to then ask them the questions that I included with the video which was entitled, “Things I Can Learn From Rudolph”.




We enjoyed a dinner consisting of sliced ham, cheesy potatoes, vegetables, a pretzel jello, salad, rolls and dessert.  We were missing two of my step daughters and one grandson.  I love having the whole family in our home! After our dinner we had our annual gingerbread competition.  This year we did the contest a little different.  I purchased the gingerbread houses pre-made from Target.  That was due to the fact that last year we had some “foundational” problems that took up most of our time.  I had previously told them it would be a competition and that they would need to bring their own candy/supplies other than the house and a tube of white frosting.  I wanted them to feel they could get creative and add whatever they thought would win the contest.  We had four awards which were:  Most Festive, Most Creative, Most Fun/Funniest, Most Appetizing.  We all voted and I made little voting cards and award certificates.  I loved seeing them work together in individual families.






Here are the results:


Most Creative – Jason, Tiffany, Jayden, Kyle and Jeremiah Paulk


Most Festive – Matti & Braden Bybee


Most Appetizing – Devan, McKinli and Laikynn Hatch (Titan was not able to be there)


Most Fun/Funniest – Only one created 100% by a child – Jess, Whitni & Hadli Dickson (Harper was napping)

Spending time with the family is one of the greatest gifts we enjoy each year.  We did not exchange gifts this particular night.  I will post about our 12 Days of Christmas to the families in my next post.  It is always a lot of preparation but Papa is a great helper.  I always want to make it fun and let my children/grandchildren know that we want them to feel we have put in lots of love and effort in their behalf.  However, it is the fun of watching them and being together that really warms our heart!




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