“Purse”onal Valentines Wishes


This is another fun idea for an easy Valentine’s gift!  It is quick and easy to put together and  you can use your creativity to come up with different colors, treats, tags, and ribbon to make it unique to you.  Steps I took:

1-Purchase clear plastic purse box.  I found mine at PAKNWRAP in Salt Lake City, Utah.

2- Unfold box and secure one side with the tabs provided.

3-Fill with candy of your choice.

4-Seal off opposite side with tabs provided.  (May want to seal more securely with clear tape)

5- Add bow and tag to complete.

I have seen variations for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and birthday party favors.  It is a quick project from start to finish and one that the little people in your life can easily help to complete.



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