Power of Grandchild’s Letter


I would like to share with you a personal experience that happened to me just today.  It was powerful and I hope that it will have a lesson or a meaning  to all of you as well!

Today my day didn’t start very well.  It’s been a busy week, month and time for me since the start of 2015.  There have been life changes that have brought many blessings to me and to my family but also some added responsibilities. I work full time, have an extended family and grandchildren, husband and two small businesses on the side as well as trying to continue this blog.  Lately  I have felt an added amount of work to an already overloaded schedule. Today was one of those pull-your-covers-over-your-head kind of days!  It seemed the longer the day went on the more crazy requests and issues started to appear.  I won’t go in to detail but trust me it was so random all the things that were coming my way today.  So to keep it short and sweet I will share my Facebook posts with photos. Here is the post?

PRAYER WORKS! I was having the WORST day today. I was feeling defeated and depleted and my cup/well was completely empty. I met Steve Bettridge at home for lunch and as we were blessing the food it was my turn to pray (I pray even days and he prays odd day) smile emoticon and I told him my responsibilities and task list was so long I couldn’t do ONE more thing. Not even pray. He took my turn for me and prayed that my stress would soon be relieved. I cried overwhelming tears through the prayer and with his strong arms wrapped around me. I asked him to bring in the mail before going back to work. As I was in my home office staring at the piles of work and the computer screen, he brought me this. DON’T you DARE say Heavenly Father is not aware of you WAY before you need him. This is what Steve brought to me that was sent BEFORE the actual day that I needed it. It didn’t coincidentally arrive today and this is not the first time that a grandchild has come to my rescue. The power of a HANDWRITTEN note! Thank you McKinli Hatch and to Titan’s teacher for doing this kind act! Titan, your Nana loves you more than you will EVER know. I feel your little arms around me through your life-size picture of yourself. You have made Nana’s stress disappear today! Even for a moment but the tears are flowing freely. What would I do without my husband, prayer, my Heavenly Father, my family, my dear friends and my precious grandchildren?!!! Life is good!!!”

titanletter1 titanletter2

It was my 5-year-old grandson’s teacher who started this kind act.  This was the letter that was in the brown mailing envelope.


I have decided to give away five (5) of these books to five (5) lucky Grandmas.  It is a darling story and would be fun to send or read with your grandkids.  Start sharing and tagging your friends.  Give away will be on May 4th, 2015.



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