Meet the Advisory Board – Jan Okey


Jan Okey is one of my favorite people and everyone she knows would say the same thing.  She has battled many challenges but most recently she has elegantly and bravely fought breast cancer.  She is one of the most optimistic  women you will ever meet. She is so much fun and I know she loves not only her grandkids but everyone’s grandkids. I feel very fortunate to call her my friend and also to  have her on The Giddy Grandma advisory board.  I asked her to share what being a grandma means to her and this is what she shared:

“I have been blessed with six precious “littles” with a few more to join us hopefully one day???  Being a Nana is the greatest joy that I have at this time in my life.  I have waited  very long to enjoy each one.  My desires and goals that I have for each of them is to first, know how much they are loved and are so very important to our family.  Second, that they came from Heaven and that they have a Heavenly Father and Mother who loves them and wants them to be obedient, happy, and full of unconditional love for all people.  Third, I hope to be a best friend and confidant in whom they can always feel safe and share their deepest feelings and dreams with me at all times.”

Thank you Jan for sharing that beautiful message and for being a part of our team!


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  1. I am honored that you have included me in this venture, and YES i am a giddy grandma.

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