Advisory Board – Colleen Taylor


I would like to introduce our community of readers to our 2014-2015 Giddy Grandma Advisory Board.  The first member is the face behind the logo.  She is my mother, Colleen Taylor.  Colleen is an incredible mother and grandmother! She will be 86 in October. I have such a great model for my life.  I asked her to share a few thoughts on being a grandmother.  This is what she shared:

“I am one of those doting grandmothers (Is there any other kind?).  I have 12 grown grandchildren with little families of their own.  I have 28 great-grandchildren, but no great-great grandchildren yet.

What a delight to keep track of them on my cell phone and my iPad.  Most of them live fairly close but because they are so busy, I still see them mostly on my electronics which I am so grateful for technology.  I have tried to attend all the grandchildren’s activities at home, church and school.  However, it is getting harder to do as the years go by.  Now they will have to come visit me for a one-on-one visit.

I love to sew and have made shirts, pajamas, shorts, panties and they all loved them.  Some of my great-grandchildren call me ‘Grandma Pretty Panties”.  I love all my grandchildren dearly!”

Thanks to my mom for being such a great example to me and to her grandchildren! To read a little more about her and how we chose the logo click HERE.





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