Grandma’s Halloween Party

Sandra Jensen, one of our Advisory Board Members, shared with us  the details of her creative,  Not-so-scary Halloween Party she had last weekend with her grandchildren. Here is her description of the party:

“Every year I have a Halloween party for my grandchildren. Because they are all small, I keep things really simple. We usually do some kind of craft that varies each year, and we decorate pumpkins. This year they decorated foam haunted houses with Halloween stickers. We had the party early this year, so I found Styrofoam pumpkins and faces that the kids could poke into the pumpkins. My two-year-old grandson had as much fun taking it apart as putting it back together.

The traditional activities include decorating Halloween sugar cookies, Boo Bingo, and Witchelena. The kids love to frost, put on candy, and sprinkle the cookies. They especially like eating the cookies. Yes, they make a mess, but they have so much fun. I have Bingo cards in the shape of a ghost with pictures of Halloween items in the Bingo squares. They like using candy to mark their squares, so they can eat it when the game is over. They win little prizes when they get Bingo. Witchelena is a treasure hunt. They follow clues and find prizes. I make up a little clue that rhymes, which leads them to the next clue, etc. As the kids get older, they will have to figure out the clues, but while they are little the clues are very specific.

I love seeing the grandchildren all dressed up in their costumes. We have either lunch or dinner depending on what time works best for everyone that particular year. We always have pizza and some kind of Halloween side dishes. This year I did pudding cups with crushed Oreos for dirt and gummy worms. I bought dry ice to go in the apple cider and served it out of a witch’s cauldron. The dry ice makes the juice taste like sparkling cider. We all had a lot of fun!”

See below for pictures of her party and of course her adorable grandkids! Thanks so much for sharing Sandra!

Sandras Halloween Party Pictures1 SandrasHalloween Party Pictures 2


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