Grandma’s Gingerbread Party

Gingerbread Party 2013

Off we go to grandma’s house at Christmas time each year;

The gingerbread party to attend with those we love so dear.


Grandma’s gingerbread people are made from sugar and spice;

We make them look much cuter, with their faces sweetly iced.


We add buttons down the front of nut-brown gingerbread;

Add icing cuffs around their wrists, their little arms outspread.


Crafts, games, gifts and food; we always have a ball.

We love the gingerbread parties, but we love Grandma most of all!

-Sandra Jensen


Thanks to Sandra for sharing her talents of poetry as well as showing sharing photos of her time with her grandchildren. If you have special memories that you would like to share, pllease send us an email at



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