These beautiful women are the two inspirations that I had in creating THE GIDDY GRANDMA.  These are the faces of a great generation of ladies that I have tried to capture in the cartoon-version of our logo for The Giddy Grandma.  Not the typical Grandma/Nana face you see today.  As grandmas of today’s generation, we are a little different in the way we  live our lives.  Yet, the heart of a grandma is the same.

I wanted to honor these two ladies who come from a generation that has seen much in the history of the world and many changes in technology and the way that we live each day.  They are a wealth of wisdom for us to learn and emulate.


The first lady is my own mother, Colleen Taylor.  This is one of the strongest woman I know and not just because she is my mom.  Colleen has endured many trials in her life.  She lived during the Great Depression and watched her parents and grandparents lose much of their financial stability.  She spent much of her time with her grandmother while her mom went to work to help provide for the family.  Childhood was not easy but she will tell you that she is happy to have grown up in the world she did as opposed to what her great grandchildren are faced with.

Colleen survived a car accident in her middle-age years and through the last 30+ years she has suffered much pain in doing the simple things to function in daily living.  Yet I have never heard her complain or be bitter about her physical disabilities or pain. She has lost many through death and felt that heartache. In just a few short years she lost her brother, sister-in-law, sister, two sons and my dad who is the love of her life since she was 13 years old.  Colleen is now battling melanoma for the third time. She is a great strength for me and her grandchildren and great grandchildren to pattern our lives after.


Marjorie passed away ten years ago on April 6, 2004.  She was the wife of the LDS church prophet Gordon B. Hinckley.  Her life was not only an example of me but to millions of people and not just those of the LDS faith.  She was known to many for having a big heart and a warm sense of humor.  I will be sharing many quotes from this lady in the near future. She was an example of  kindness, hard work, motherhood and a grandma figure for the world.  She was known for constantly looking on the bright side.  To read more about this amazing woman you can click HERE or purchase/download her book HERE .

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