As grandmas, we get blamed for giving the our grandkids sugar and sending them home to their parents.  Not this year! I decided that they get plenty of sugar and so I have decided to do something a little different.

I know my daughters will see this post but hopefully it will be a surprise for my grandkids.  If you live in Utah you are probably familiar with Seagull Book & Tape. All of these were purchased at a Seagull Book & Tape location. That is where I found these large Halloween coloring/sticker books for the grandkids for $3.99.  For the older ones, I will probably give them a little sugar and one of these puzzles which I found for $7.99.  I really believe in family projects such as board games and puzzles to get everyone together and talking.  Oh, and I may change my mind and make a few cookies to go along with the gifts on the decorate plastic plates below for $1.99.

Every grandchild deserves SOME sugar right?

halloweenplates  halloweenstickerbooks  halloweenpuzzle


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