“Purse”onal Valentines Wishes


This is another fun idea for an easy Valentine’s gift!  It is quick and easy to put together and  you can use your creativity to come up with different colors, treats, tags, and ribbon to make it unique to you.  Steps I took: 1-Purchase clear plastic purse box.  I found mine at PAKNWRAP in Salt Lake City, Utah. 2- Unfold box and secure one side with the tabs provided. 3-Fill with candy of your choice. 4-Seal off opposite side with tabs provided.  (May want to seal more securely with clear…



This is a fun gift to give as a Valentine to your grandkids or that you could help them make for their classmates with mom’s permission of course.  I found the plastic boxes at a local packaging store called PakNWrap in Salt Lake City, Utah. Boxes come flat.  Steps to make include: 1-Open up the plastic box and close off one end. 2-Add gumballs in a a pattern. 3-Add a chocolate kiss to the last spot in the box and close off. 4- Tie string with gift tag that says,…

We Love to Be A Family Day


This is such a great idea and keeping it simple is her secret. I tend to make it “fancy” AND try to  make it memorable and sometimes I am so burnt out the next day.  Putting thought, effort and time are great and even sometimes the roses on the pancakes ALSO show you are going the extra mile.  “Balance” is what I keep telling myself.  What is your opinion of her article?  Click HERE to read a great post from PowerofMoms.com. Please leave your comments below.

Valentine’ s Day Cake in a Cup


Here is a cute, easy gift to give your grandchildren for Valentine’s Day. It is called Cake in a Cup. Even small grandchildren will enjoy making their own cake. Preparation: Mix 1 box of dry cake mix (any flavor) with 1 box of dry angel food cake mix. Stir until it is mixed well. Put 3 tablespoons of mix into each snack size baggie and seal. Place a few baggies full of mix in a cute mug and add instructions. Makes approximately 30 bags. Add other gifts or candy and…