90 Days To A Fit Grandma

I am going to be completely vulnerable on this blog post and share with you my 90 day journey to get myself in better health.  May I share with you my story and my journey? Everyone has a “last straw”!  What I mean is that in life we have certain results based on our lifestyle and choices that we are showing up in our lives.  We are disappointed in some of those results and after a length of time we decide we are going to make a change.  There is…

A Spoonful of Sugar….


…helps the  medicine go down”! My mother used to sing that song to me when I was a little girl. With blissful thoughts in my head I knew how lucky I was to have a Mom who stayed by my side to nurse me back to health whenever I was under the weather. And yes, that usually included a spoonful of some type of unpleasant syrupy concoction every few hours followed up with a delightfully anticipated popsicle to comfort my tormented taste buds. While I am most grateful for western…

Babysitting Grands Is Good For You


This short news clip says it all!  What is your opinion of the study? Click HERE and leave us a comment!    

10 Tips for Choosing Assisted Living


In the beginning, it may feel that there is never a place adequate for the care of your loved one.  It’s not only a hard decision to move them to assisted living but also knowing which one to choose.  It is typically very hard for them to make the move.  Therefore, making the right choice is critical.  Here are 10 tips for choosing an assisted living.  In future blog posts I will walk you through my journey with my mom (whom the Giddy Grandma is dedicated to). 1- Ask as…

In need of Assisted Living?


How do you know if you, your parent or Grandmother is ready or in need of extra help for daily care?  It’s not always easy to tell when your parent or another family member or loved one needs more help. The following warning signs may indicate that it’s time for a talk about assisted living provided by helpguide.org. The refrigerator is empty or filled with spoiled food or your parent is losing weight. These may be signs that he or she isn’t eating well because shopping or cooking is difficult….

Which Celebrity Grandma is aging best?


The faces of a Grandma are being redefined with all of the technology, products and procedures we have only a phone call away. Here are a few celebrities who are now grandmothers. Do you have any favorites? Click HERE to see the pictures from AARP website. What are your thoughts?