Last Minute Halloween Activity


I was wandering through Target and saw this Haunted House kit.  I am definitely going to do this next year.  What a fun tradition much like the gingerbread houses for Christmas!  It was $9.99 and would make a great activity for the grandkids.  

Pre-Halloween Weekend- Part 2


After our afternoon at the zoo, we came home and Titan helped me make Mummy Hotdogs.  The directions are very simple and can be found HERE.   Then we had some celery and peanut butter infested with spiders. Our dessert was Monster Cookies and the recipe can be found HERE We finished off the night by playing in the back yard after dark with some fun glow-in-the-dark masks, and pumpkins lanterns.  I found these at The Dollar Tree and the kids really had a lot of fun.  I also had…



I had decided not to have a party for my grandchildren for Halloween. We just had a fun Back-to-School party in August.  I don’t want the kids to think that EVERY time they come to Nana’s they get a big party.  However, when I found out that my adult children were planning a Halloween party, I asked to have them for a sleepover.  Mr. B says I can’t do anything “simple” and I guess he is right. I made plans to do something simple and fun  but the plans changed. …

Grandma’s Halloween Party

Sandras Halloween Party Pictures1

Sandra Jensen, one of our Advisory Board Members, shared with us  the details of her creative,  Not-so-scary Halloween Party she had last weekend with her grandchildren. Here is her description of the party: “Every year I have a Halloween party for my grandchildren. Because they are all small, I keep things really simple. We usually do some kind of craft that varies each year, and we decorate pumpkins. This year they decorated foam haunted houses with Halloween stickers. We had the party early this year, so I found Styrofoam pumpkins…

Halloween Candy Corn Cookies


These were a favorite!  I have added a few pictures of the steps it takes to make them.  It will take a little bit of extra time but fun to make and almost too beautiful to eat.  Recipe can be found HERE.  Get the grandkids over, make some cookies and some memories and take lots of pictures! I know I suggested to cut back on the sugar but just in case you are feeling a little rebellious.   .

Favorite Halloween Book


What is your favorite Halloween book to read to your grandchildren? This is one of my very favorites called “Room on the Broom”.  I purchased my locally but you can probably save a little by ordering HERE.  It is a quick-read with great illustrations and rhyming words.  It is sure to be your favorite too!


As grandmas, we get blamed for giving the our grandkids sugar and sending them home to their parents.  Not this year! I decided that they get plenty of sugar and so I have decided to do something a little different. I know my daughters will see this post but hopefully it will be a surprise for my grandkids.  If you live in Utah you are probably familiar with Seagull Book & Tape. All of these were purchased at a Seagull Book & Tape location. That is where I found these large…



I saw this adorable idea on a blog called “How Does She?” and decided that I wanted to add this to my Halloween decor.  I believe that each grandchild will come to visit and look for his/her pictures and know that their Nana is certainly crazy about them. Click on the link above to sign up to receive this free printable as well as others.  This is one of my favorite blogs to follow.   I have documented my steps in building the banner today. STEP ONE: Download and print the…