Carve the Turkey


Here is a fun tradition you can start this year!  Use a brown paper bag and a turkey pattern to “Build a turkey”. This particular turkey pattern is one that I had many years ago and do not have the rights to share.  However, find a cute turkey pattern, cut it up and trace out the pieces on colored card stock.  Glue the turkey to the brown paper bag (with handles to pass around with ease) and you have created your Thanksgiving Gratitude Turkey.

Each family member can then write down a blessing that they are thankful for and put into the “turkey”.  You can do this daily, weekly or whenever they think of something they are grateful for.  It could also be used  just on Thanksgiving Day.  Before the real turkey is carved, someone or each family member can read the blessings one at a time.  I really like the idea of doing it throughout the month to allow them to feel those feelings of gratitude each day.  You can have this in your home or mail off a package if grandchildren live a long distance and include this fun activity. I  have the pattern for the slips of paper.  Feel free to email me and request the Thanksgiving gratitude sheet at


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