Breakfast with…Nana and Santa!


It has been a few years since I took my two oldest daughters to “Breakfast with Santa” held in downtown Salt Lake City.  Not sure they even remember.  This year I placed a phone call to Titan, Laikynn and Hadli to tell them that I had called the North Pole.  I loved the reaction of gasps and screams when I told them that I had invited Santa and one of his helpers to have breakfast with us.  They were so excited. It is planned for next Saturday, December 13th at my home.

I searched to find the perfect invitation but was running out of time.  I swooped into Hobby Lobby today with only a few minutes to find something.  I could not find a package of invitations with Santa and the invitations I did find looked more adult-like and they were $5.99 for 10 invites.  I found this package of Chevron invitations that had 48 note cards plus envelopes for $9.99 and 50% off.  I thought this made more sense and I would dress them up with some ribbons and stickers.  This is what the package looked like.  I only needed five invitations and now I have more note cards to make thank you cards or more invitations for another party.


I could not find any Santa stickers or cut-outs and so I grabbed these cupcake toppers and just broke off the toothpick. I added a foam square to the back to attach to the card and to give it a little 3-d effect.  It wasn’t my favorite thing to use but it works and saved me some time.

breakfastwithnanainvite4I added text and some ribbon and here is the finished product.

The inside was super simple text from the computer and some red cardstock to give it some color.  I addressed them and they on our their way to their mailboxes.

breakfastwithnanainvite3Continue to watch for more blog posts with the preparations for our family Christmas breakfast party with Nana…I mean Santa!


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