Back To School Party

After all the preparation was made for the Back-to-School party, it was time to decorate and have some fun.  I covered the table with black wrapping paper and then free-handed the alphabet around the edge of the table.  I added two green leaves made from construction paper to make the plates look like apples.  We served pizza and chocolate milk.  This is what the table looked like when they entered the kitchen.


I wanted them to have a real-life school cafeteria experience and pizza and chocolate milk are two favorites I remember. Before we ate I took their picture by my front door and in front of my porch decorations. First, my grandson Titan who is starting kindergarten posed for the camera.  He is the first grandchild.  Nana cried a little.


Hadli and Laikynn are both entering preschool this year.  They are six months apart.  Hadli is my oldest daughter’s first child and so there were many tears shed here as well.


Laikynn is so active that is was hard to get her to hold still long enough to get a picture.


Next on our “school schedule” was to measure their height on our new homemade ruler.  We want this to be a yearly tradition at Nana’s house. I love that it is removable should we ever move. Titan is 5 years old and  44″.


Hadli is ready to turn 3 years old and is 38″.  Laikynn won’t be 3 until March but is 37″.  All the grandkids seem to be tall and thin for their age.


It was finally time to eat the pizza, chocolate milk and then of course all of the SUGAR!!!


It was time to start wearing off the sugar.  I explained to them some of the things that they would be experiencing at school.  One of those would be recess.  I had my youngest daughter, Matti, help me with the party. I was so glad she was there to help.  They love their Aunt Matti.  We, meaning I, was worn out at the end of our time on the trampoline.


I told the grandkids that they would have the chance to make art projects at school and draw beautiful pictures to express their creativity and feelings.  Hadli and Titan were content to draw but Laikynn was distracted by my grand dog (Matti’s dog) Diesel and so she didn’t spend much time drawing.


We didn’t have regular playground equipment or monkey bars but my creative little people decided to climb the fence around my front yard to test their agility.


Before going into the house for the night to prepare  for our sleepover, we had our cupcakes out on my front porch.  You can tell this Nana is trying to keep as much clean up outside as possible. I feel these two pictures really express how much fun we have and how much this family loves each other.


After cupcakes came a bathtub full of cousins and then pajamas, reading stories about going to school, popcorn and a movie.  The little people LOVED this Disney movie.  I would highly recommend that you have it.  We were scared, laughed together and had some great teaching moments.  You can order the movie HERE

bath pajamas

After a restless night’s sleep and breakfast, I gave them their personalized Keepsake Folders and we did a short interview to record some great memories about each one of them at this age.

b2slaikynnkeepsake b2shadlikeepsake titanpaperkeeper


They were able to get dressed and head back to their parents.  Visits always seem to end with Titan telling me he wants 79 more sleepovers and Nana crying for a good hour after they leave because she misses them. Oh, and a good, long nap!


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