Advisory Board- Shana Cahoon


Shana Cahoon will be one of our most dedicated board members as she is my sister and supports everything I do 110%.  I could not ask for a better sister.  She is my cheerleader.  She also happens to be one of the most generous grandmothers you will find with all of her resources.  We are lucky to have her input for our advisory board.  I also asked her to share her thoughts on being a grandmother.

“As a mother, I was blessed with only one child, a beautiful baby boy.  I had only one chance to be the best mother ever.  A few years later I became a single mom and I tried, but feel I failed to be perfect as I wanted to be.

As a grandmother, my son gave me four, beautiful granddaughters which are daughters I didn’t get the privilege to raise for myself.

Now being a grandmother, I hope to make up for the mistakes that I made as a mom.  When my grandgirls were close in the area, we had lots of visits, dinners together and sleepovers.  This gave me the chance to spoil them and be the best example possible.  I am learning the family rules and proper words the parents use so I can lovingly teach them and instill the same values that their parents want the girls to learn.  I have tried not to overstep my bounds or boundaries of grand motherhood.

Now that they live far away, I make the most of our short visits by making our time memorable.  One of our most memorable times was when we met together in a nearby town and started with a great breakfast together.  We also went shopping for one of my granddaughter’s birthday and went to the Lego Movie for the preschoolers.  That same day we went to dinner together, played a game or two at the bowling alley and for some of us our first time on roller skates.  The laughter, fun, cheers and even a few tears as skating can be hard at first.  We all agreed it was the best time of our lives together.  Lots of pictures were taken so we had not only our memories but also pictures that showed our family spending quality time together.

I had two wonderful grandmothers that made my life complete.  One grandmother lived very close so we got to spend lots of time together.  She showed me hard work and love by the great meals she prepared.  I learned her love for the Savior and many spiritual truths.  She didn’t have much materially but what she had she gave her all in service and love.

My other grandma lived far away and came as often as she could.  We built a great relationship with letters and packages.  Her visits were short, but we had quality time that lasted until we could be together again.

These two grandmothers taught me to love being a grandmother and that no matter whether I am close or far away, that we can build memories for a life time and beyond.  My son game me a second chance to correct some of my mistakes I made as a mother by being the best grandma I can be and an influence for good in their lives.”

Shana wanted me to condense this down but I think her thoughts really validate how many of us feel as mothers and also the importance of grandmothers (and grandfathers) in our lives. So excited to have her a part of our team!





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