Advisory Board – Sandra Jensen


Sandra Jensen is one of those friends that everyone wishes they had.  That is the kind of friend that perceives what you need in your life and then shows up willing to help and delivers baked goods and homemade rolls.  We have been great friends now for close to 25 years.  I am so excited she agreed to be part of our board.  She is extremely talented and will be a great asset for this  year. I asked her to share her thoughts on being a grandmother.

“I absolutely love being a grandma.  A special bond exists between a grandma and her grandchildren.  We enjoy doing fun activities, and I like shopping for them.  I love it when the grandchildren come to my house, or I go to their house, and they run up to me with their arms outstretched for a big hug and kiss.

Being a grandma means loving your grandchildren unconditionally. As a grandma, I take time to do the little things that matter to my grandchildren such as reading lots of stories, doing puzzles or crafts, taking walks, building towers, playing ball, blowing bubbles, drawing with sidewalk chalk, going to the park, making cookies, snuggling on the couch and watching their favorite movie, and of course having fun holiday parties.”

Thanks for sharing your talents and coveted time with us Sandra!



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