Advisory Board – Dena Simister

denaI have known Dena for almost 25 years as we worked together as managers with Arbonne International.  Dena is one of the nicest, most loyal and dedicated friends and business women I have ever met.  Dena lives in Coalville, UT and has built her business with long drives and much dedication.  She has conquered life through the heartache of losing a son and a granddaughter. She appreciates and enjoys life. I have always admired her so much and can’t believe how much she can accomplish.  I feel so fortunate to have her part of our team.  She shared her feelings with me about being a grandma.

“Being a grandma….I don’t think anyone can explain how wonderful it is. You have to become one to really understand. It is definitely one of the best parts of my life. Having grandchildren brings me complete and utter joy! And each grandchild is so special in their own unique ways. Right now, I have 10 grandchildren….nine  are here and one is in heaven. I believe she watches over us every day.

I want to be the grandma that is an integral part of my grandchildren’s lives. I hope to be an example of the values I believe and cherish. I hope to help them discover the light within each of them, and become the person they were meant to be. They have made me want to be a better person too.

I am fortunate to have all my grandchildren within an hour from where I live. The only thing better would be if they all lived next door! I try to see them as often as possible, and love to have them visit. We have a little tradition that we all look forward to….when they come to visit in the summertime, we set up the old 8-man tent and sleep out every night they are here. We can be as silly as we want, and stay up as late as we want.

I simply love every minute I am with my grandchildren.”

Thanks for sharing that sweet description and message with us!


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