Advisory Board – Christi Tracy

christytracyChristi is someone that I have known from high school and have really gotten to become even better friends with the help of Facebook and technology.  I have learned of her many talents as I watch her posts.  Many of those talents such as quilting and crafts is something that many have never learned .  She has so many creative gifts to share with us which I covet and admire all in the same breath.  As you will hear from her comments below, she is really going to be a great asset in helping us reach out to the grandmas who are long-distance-grandmas.  Listen to what Christi does to shorten the miles between her and the little people in her family.

“I love being a grandmother!!!. I have 3 beautiful grand children who bring me great joy.

The greatest sadness in my life comes from the fact that I am grand parenting from a distance….a really long distance. My son and his family recently moved to Germany, where they will live for 4 years, and they insisted on taking my 2 precious grandsons, Owen and Derek with them.

My daughter, son-in-law, and my sweet grand-daughter Alice also live far away in Columbus, Ohio.

When we started our family 30 years ago, it never seriously occurred to me that the joys of my life might someday fly far, far from the nest. I guess that’s what happens when you teach your children to dream and then give them the confidence to  follow those dreams.

Fortunately, although there is great distance between, I have managed to form a strong bond with our grand children. Somehow, we have managed to see them several times each year since they were born. Let’s just say that a good chunk of our disposable income goes towards airline tickets and travel.

Long distance grand parenting presents many challenges. I am thankful every day for the wonders of technology that allow we me visit with them “face to face” via video chats or readily receive videos on my phone of their activities. On Sundayafternoons, I may be found reading a story through the webcam while they sit perfectly still on their daddy’s lap, thousands of miles away, hanging on every word of their favorite stories. I also might be found watching my sweet Alice take a bath splashing in the tub or roll over for the first time.

I have scoured the internet and talked to many grandparents, searching for ideas of things I can do or items I can send to my grand children to remind them of my love for them and to maintain the special bond we’ve developed. That’s one reason why I’m so excited about Michele’s blog. I have learned a few things I would love to pass along to other long distance grandmas. Some of them I found online. Others I came up with on my own. All of them have brought joy to the children and myself, alike. I am also excited for the things I will learn from other grandmothers.”

Thanks for sharing a few of those long distance ideas with us Christi and we are excited to hear more throughout the year! Welcome to the Giddy Grandma Family!


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