About Us

headshotThe creation and vision of this site is to give all grandmas, grammys, grannys, nanas and others sacred grandmother names a place to be themselves, brag, learn, get creative ideas to create fun memories and to give themselves a second chance at motherhood, a motherhood re-do, or simply stated become professional grandmas.

There is no other joy or love that can be compared to that of a grandmother and there is also very few more obnoxious and bragging people on the planet.  That’s why we need to rally around each other and celebrate with those who understand us and just plain “get it”.

We welcome your ideas, comments and questions.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs and wishes.  Let’s have fun and celebrate the most wonderful “littles” in our lives and the best years ahead!

Creator, Michele Bettridge, has found more joy in being a grandmother than any other accomplishment in her personal life or career.  She has written books,  poetry, musical lyrics and has had  a long, successful career in marketing.  However, when she asked others what they thought she might passionately create that  would allow her to quit her day job, unanimously her friends said, “Become a Professional Grandma”.  While there is no university for that…we can teach each other!

Please join our circle of Giddy Grandmas!

Meet our Advisory Board for 2014-2015! To know more about these wonderful ladies, click on their name to be directed a their personal blog post.

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