A Spoonful of Sugar….


…helps the  medicine go down”!

My mother used to sing that song to me when I was a little girl. With blissful thoughts in my head I knew how lucky I was to have a Mom who stayed by my side to nurse me back to health whenever I was under the weather. And yes, that usually included a spoonful of some type of unpleasant syrupy concoction every few hours followed up with a delightfully anticipated popsicle to comfort my tormented taste buds.

While I am most grateful for western medicine and modern technology, we probably didn’t stop back then and think about what was really in those medicines. The potential side effects could possibly have been more damaging than the ailments we were trying to alleviate.

You have probably heard a great deal lately about alternative or natural healthcare. While essential oils have been a part of natural healthcare for thousands of years, maybe they are new to you. I was introduced to essential oils over three years ago and now I cannot imagine taking care of my family without them. My favorite aspect is that with the best and purest essential oils I have an alternative to turn to first that can be safer, cheaper and more effective in supporting my body back to wellness before I use a synthetic product.

I have researched different essential oil companies and concluded that dōTERRA is the brand I trust the most for my family’s health. Their motto is a “healer in every home”. I love the great things they are doing on a global basis with co-impact sourcing and their rigorous 3rd party testing standards assure me that every drop of oil I use is the purest form possible. Whatever products you choose I recommend looking into adding natural healthcare to your wellness regimen. In bridging modern and natural medicine together you can give your family the best options for a healthy life.  Are you open to Natural Healthcare?

This article was written by my very dear friend and Giddy Grandma Board Member, Cameron Miller.  If you would like to learn more about Natural Healthcare she is the one to speak with.  Leave a comment and she will answer your questions.


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