90 Days To A Fit Grandma

I am going to be completely vulnerable on this blog post and share with you my 90 day journey to get myself in better health.  May I share with you my story and my journey?

Everyone has a “last straw”!  What I mean is that in life we have certain results based on our lifestyle and choices that we are showing up in our lives.  We are disappointed in some of those results and after a length of time we decide we are going to make a change.  There is usually a “last straw” moment where we declare that we are no longer happy with the results and we are making a change.

My “last straw” came this summer when my granddaughter Harper was about to turn two years old.  Her parents decided to have a birthday party at the local swimming pool. Going down this large slide at such a young age was her favorite thing to do.  I wanted to see her be brave and go down that slide.  I am the kind of Grandma that tries not to miss a special event for my grandkids. I was not comfortable in a swimsuit and there would be other members of the family attending that I did not want to see me in a bathing suit.  What was I going to do?  I really struggled with this decision!  I realized I had two choices.  Staying home from the party was not one those choices.  My choices were that I either had to accept my body and move forward or do something different.  I decided that day to do something different.  I wanted to be at every event of every grandchild and show up and have fun and be playful without concern for myself.  I want to be a healthy grandma that will be around for my grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The decision I made was to be 100% committed.  I made a huge commitment to hire a personal health coach.  It was a big leap of faith and investment in time and money.  If you hire April Berezay, you better be ready and committed to put in the energy.  I will be blogging here with pictures, yes pictures, of my progress.  I hope this will motivate at least one other Grandma to be healthy and active to create precious memories with those precious little people! Stay tuned for transformation! Thank you for allowing me to share my story and journey.  This helps me be accountable and is also part of what I committed to do with my coach.

I have completed the 90 day program and I am still working to keep my healthy habits.  It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had!  I feel so empowered and healthy!  It was worth every means of sacrifice that came with time, commitment and resources.  My cholesterol has always been close to 300 regardless of weight. Any reading over 200 is dangerous.  For me, I did not want to take the prescriptions that would reduce it, but rather I wanted to make a strong attempt to control it myself.  Thanks to this program and my coach I was able to find the supplements ,as well as feed my body, what it needed to heal itself.  I recommend that you talk with your doctor first.  For me this was what I truly needed for my mind, body and spirit! I will be sharing more of my journey in future posts.

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