2015 Back To School Party

It’s that time of year when Back-to-School activities are taking place.  I remember as a mom how much work and money  it took to get the new school clothes, shoes and school supplies.  As a little girl I mainly remember getting new clothes and a new box of crayons.  I also remember a few jitters in starting a new class with a new teacher.

As a Nana, I can now have some fun and enjoy this time of year!  This year I simplified our party due to time restraints.  You can check out last year’s party HERE. This year I had a really busy schedule so I meshed it with a sleepover I had scheduled while parents were out of town.  It worked great!

We started the morning with a bath.  I think my adult children think that I question my grandkids’ personal hygiene.  Nope!  They just LOVE this fishing game that I allow them to play in the tub.  You can find it HERE.  This is one of the best purchases I have made and I highly recommend this company. I don’t think the game was designed to be played in the tub but it is what my grandkids remember about sleepovers. I never have a difficult time getting them to take a bath!


After the bath we began making a countdown chain that they could remove one chain each day until school started.  I had the chains cut out and ready to just glue together.  They enjoyed it for about the first 10 chains but they stuck with it until they were completed.  One granddaughter does not start preschool until after Labor Day and so her chain was HUGE!  The other granddaughter’s chain was the shortest.  She was also starting preschool.  Her brother’s was just a few chains bigger as he started First Grade in the middle of the week.




I made the mistake of having their gift bags on the table and of course they kept wanting to open them.  I would catch them over by the table peeking whenever we weren’t doing an activity.  I found some cute Alphabet flash cards at a local store for $1.00.  I used the letter each of their names started with as a gift tag.  The tag was held in place with a wooden clothes pin covered with washi tape to match.  I took the A,B,C and 1, 2, 3 extra flash cards to pin onto a fabric banner which I had used on the fireplace mantle back in February for Valentines Day.  Inside the gift bag I included treats that they could snack on throughout the day, coloring book that would aid in alphabet recognition, new box of crayons, and card games to play after school.



They needed a little physical activity to so we went outside in the yard and had sack races.  This was by far their favorite part.  Again, I just found these sacks at a local store for $1.00.  I discovered how competitive they were and they were able to get in some great physical activity.  We would race, take a rest and then race some more.





They worked up and appetite and so we had a picnic lunch in the front yard.  I had them make their own sandwiches and pack their own lunches.  I like the idea of teaching them great skills that they can go home and be good helpers for their parents.  If they learn something at Nana’s house, rather than being completely spoiled, the parents are excited to send them to my house.



After lunch they did a few more sack races and then we came inside for rest.  Last year I started a tradition of measuring their height and taking their picture on my front porch.  I know their parents probably do this but I also like to see how much they have changed and grown. (Love Hadli’s face in the middle picture)





Laikynn wins! She grew just short of 3 inches in less than a year and Titan and Hadli were both close to just 2 inches each. This is a wooden ruler I made last year and the words on the rulers say, “Have big dreams. You will grow into them.” Here are their pictures on the porch with last years comparison.  I saw just a little change from last year to this year.

b2schooltitan2 2015backtoschool15




We were going to end the day making Rice Krispie squares with Alpha-Bet cereal but we ran out of time.  I sent a box home with each family. They could either make the treats themselves or save the box for their breakfast for the first day of school.  I sure love helping them get excited for school.  I want them to get as much education as possible and to have a positive experience at school and in learning! Here’s to a wonderful year ahead!



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