10 Tips for Choosing Assisted Living


In the beginning, it may feel that there is never a place adequate for the care of your loved one.  It’s not only a hard decision to move them to assisted living but also knowing which one to choose.  It is typically very hard for them to make the move.  Therefore, making the right choice is critical.  Here are 10 tips for choosing an assisted living.  In future blog posts I will walk you through my journey with my mom (whom the Giddy Grandma is dedicated to).

1- Ask as many people in the area as possible to suggest the best facility.  This list of people can be neighbors, friends in similar situations, residents themselves and especially CNA professionals.

2-Use the internet to your advantage by entering the name of the facilities you are looking at into search engines.  For example; XYZ Assisted Living Reviews. This should gather reviews posted on the internet.

3-Your Nose Knows.  Watch for smells and signs of cleanliness.

4- Visit the facility during an activity. How many are participating and do they seem to be having fun? Is there a good variety including exercise and activities to keep their minds alert?

5-Meet and pay attention to the staff.  Are they friendly to you, each other and to the residents?  What are the employee-to-resident ratios? How often do they check on the residents on a daily basis?

6-Eat a meal at the facility.  The meals are one of the top complaints that residents have. It is also very important that they have nutritional and tasty meals to maintain optimum health.

7- Check security and safety issues.  Check elevators, stairs, hand rails and benches in long hallways.  Do they have fire doors, sprinkler systems in the room and an emergency plan that they can share with you? Do they have an easy floor plan to follow for the residents? Do the outside doors prevent unwanted visitors? Do they have safety cords in bathroom and safety necklaces that are worn daily? Do they have a system for checking in and checking out should your loved one leave the facility?

8- What personal care services are provided?  Are there other services which can be performed but are recognized as additional incidental charges? Do they have increasing levels of care should your loved one need more assistance such as memory care? Do they transport outside of the building for shopping, doctor appointments and if so how frequently? Confirming all of the charges associated and having those confirmed in writing prevents surprises down the road.

9- Confirm the methods of payment they will accept.  What insurances if any do they accept? Is Medicaid an option?

10- Trust your instinct.  After looking at several facilities you will find some stand out but your instinct will tell you which will feel most like home and give you and your loved one peace of mind.

Taking the time to do your research can prevent future problems. Watch for future blog posts about my personal journey with my mom.


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