Welcome to the Giddy Grandma!

Have you been looking for fun and creative ideas to create memories for your grandchildren without spending hours on Google, Pinterest or on the phone asking that creative friend that always has the most clever ideas? Maybe you just want a motherhood re-do!

Look no further because we have created a GIDDY GRANDMA community where you can:

  • quickly and easily find ideas to celebrate the holidays.
  • see the latest in gift ideas for birthdays and other occasions.
  • share your ideas with our network of grandmothers.
  • educate yourself on the latest health and safety issues.
  • find fun ways to teach your grandchildren without overstepping boundaries.
  • learn tips for getting along best with the parents of your "littles".
  • implement time and money saving tips.
  • take care of ourselves so you have more to give to your grandchildren.
  • learn about more topics than we can list.

We are busy grandmas in this generation and most of us are still holding down a full time job but want to be as involved in our grandchildren's lives as our grandmothers were. We want to take this opportunity to make up for time missed with our own children by giving to their children. Come join our network of grandmas and follow our blog as we enjoy the journey of the best years ahead!